September 2014 Updates

Tiny House Tours

Caravan was created to offer guests at our hotel a unique opportunity to experience tiny house living in the heart of the Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon.  As the first and only legally permitted, commercial application of tiny houses in the United States, we’ve had thousands of visitors from across the country and world come to Caravan to take tours of our tiny houses.

After a year of opening our gate to hundreds of people each week, we’ve decided to offer weekly Tiny House Tours to visitors.  Each Sunday, from 4- 5pm, our staff will give a presentation about Caravan and a tour of some of our six custom-made tiny houses. We’ll provide some background information about the tiny house movement and updates on tiny house happenings in Portland. Each week, we’ll invite local tiny house builders and other key tiny houses advocates to give a short talk and answer questions.

Register for the September 14th event on the tiny house tour page. Registration is $10/person. Event will be capped at 100. If you can’t make this first tour, just check the schedule on our website for the next event.

Introducing Roly Poly

Roly Poly arrived at Caravan-The Tiny House Hotel in late August, 2014. Roly Poly is a visual spectacle inside and out. It is fun and whimsical – thematically roly and round. Roly Poly has a sheepherder’s wagon rounded roof, and a cantilevered loft bed. It is 84 sq ft plus the sleeping lofts. The stools and upstairs daybed provide a hangout zone. Roly Poly has one king bed, and one twin bed, and can sleep 1-3 people.

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