Rare Opportunity to Tour the Interiors of Eleven ADUs across the City of Portland

Update 5/29/14: The tour is sold out, but you can add your name to the wait list at adutour.eventbrite.com in case spots open up. 

Updated 5/28/14: There’s been a huge amount of interest in attending this tour, which is fantastic. To allow for ample access to the ADUs for attendees, we’ve decided to cap the ticket sales. Tickets will likely sell out by the end of the day , so we recommend buying a ticket now if you’d like to attend. 

Updated 5/23/14: Read the awesome coverage of the event on the Oregonian

5/7/2014: Tour will now also feature eight tiny houses on wheels-six at Caravan, and two at Shelter Wise. Tiny House pioneer and author, Dee Williams of PAD, will be a featured guest at the 4-6pm ADU Networking event. Read in-depth tour coverage in the Oregonian from last weekend. 

Release Date: April 16th, 2014  

Contact: Kol Peterson and Deb Delman, info@tinyhousehotel.com, (503) 395-4248

Build Small, Live Large- Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour- Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the City of Portland, and Metro, is hosting Portland’s first citywide tour of Accessory Dwelling Units on Sunday, June 1st, 2014 from 10am-6pm. ADUs are secondary living units on single-family lots.  Modeled after the City of Portland’s Build It Green Tour, Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour offers attendees the rare opportunity to see the interiors of eleven ADUs in a variety of locations across the eastside of Portland. The self-guided tour gives attendees access to the homeowners, builders and designers of the ADUs, and to comprehensive, educational case studies about the building process of each ADU.  There will also be workshops throughout the day presented by local and national experts about a range of topics related to ADUs, from permitting and financing, to designing and building.

Portland has seen a six-fold rise in the number of ADUs built since 2010.  This dramatic increase is the result of a 2010 City of Portland waiver of System Development Charges, which reduced the cost of building permits for an ADU by up to $11,000.  Before the 2010 waiver, approximately 30 ADUs were built in Portland annually, but in 2013 alone, there were almost 200 ADU permits applications.  The waiver’s popularity caused the Portland City Council to extend the waiver until July, 2016, spurring local ADU leaders to develop Portland’s first ADU tour.

Throughout the day, attendees will also have the opportunity to tour four custom-built tiny houses on wheels at Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel. Caravan has received national media attention for being the first tiny house hotel in the United States. Caravan will host a late afternoon networking event from 4-6pm where attendees can meet local advocates, designers, builders and leaders of both the ADU and the tiny house movement. Real estate professionals can earn up to 6 CE credits. Attendees will have the opportunity to earn a special $25 discount to stay at Caravan, as well as enter a raffle for a free stay at Caravan.

Admission is $30. Learn more and register at http://accessorydwellings.org/adu_tour/

ADU Tour banner


3 thoughts on “Rare Opportunity to Tour the Interiors of Eleven ADUs across the City of Portland”

  1. Would like to see something like this here in Indiana. Perhaps at a state fair or home show for viewing. Will try to come to Oregon to see.



  2. I had such a great time and learned so much and got really even more inspired that when I came (which was pretty inspired). I’m was already working full time on designing my ADU for city permits when I came but spend till 10pm that day drawing additional ideas for my plans for permit. Thanks thank so much

    FOLLOWUP At the lectures, there was an announcement that if one filled out the survey online, one could get an email link to the lecture videos. I didn’t record them (as i’d planned) knowing I could get these.

    could someone indicate where the survey is? wana give feedback and be eligible for those video links. thanks


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